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Choosing the Right Cabinets to Complement Any Kitchen

Because cabinetry is an essential and important part of the kitchen, it is invariably necessary to select cabinets that will be complementary to the kitchen’s overall feel and look. If you choose iron wall art and then change your mind, it’s rather easy and inexpensive to replace it with a sun metal sculpture or other […]

Tile Floors in Classic Patterns and Colors

Most floors of tile add beauty and durability while being easy to take care of. If you are thinking of using tile for a room in your home, you have probably found that there are a wide assortment of patterns, materials, and colors to select from. Regardless of the type of tile, whether vinyl or ceramic, following are a few suggestions on blending classical colors with patterns for an amazing look and design.

5 Can’t Miss Kitchen Updates

When remodeling a kitchen, you will want the trendy and stylish upgrades that are reasonable for your budget. However, when working with your kitchens current confinements, the project may be a bit difficult. Thankfully, you can find updates that can make any kitchen feel modern and contemporary. Take a look at some of the ways to update your kitchen in the following:

A Media Room in Black Leather

When decorating a media room, it is important to keep light reflecting surfaces to a minimum so that big screen viewing can be enjoyed without glare. When walls, ceiling and furnishings are in pale colors, they catch and reflect the light, which can be distracting when watching a movie. Therefore, a great option for media room décor is black leather: It’s dark and absorbs rather than reflects light. Since a media room is full of high tech, electronic components, adding the sleekness of black leather to the room’s design can also make a powerful design statement.

The Tranquil Effect of Candles in the Bathroom

Candles are a wonderful way to create a soothing ambiance in the home. They bring with them soft flowing light and a multitude of fragrant scents. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors and they are just as decorative in a bathroom when they are not lit. Adding a grouping of candles to the bathroom is an excellent way to add an accent color to the room.

The Bedroom Ceiling Fan Installed in a Jiffy

Not only does a ceiling fan add interest to a room’s design, but it is also very effective at minimizing utility costs for cooling a home in the summer and heating it in the winter. With a quick flip of a switch the fan can change from a cooling fan for summer use, to a circulating fan for winter use. One of the most popular rooms for a homeowner to install a ceiling fan is the bedroom, where it can be both decorative and functional.

How to Use Orange with Style

One of the most versatile colors in decorating is orange. In its pure form it is a vibrant color; it may even be considered a little retro as a throwback to the fifties and seventies when it was very popular. All colors ebb and flow through stages of popularity throughout the decades, and it seems that orange is making a comeback. The wonderful thing about orange as a color is that it has such a huge range from the softest shade of peach to the brilliant orange of the citrus fruit by the same name. It can add a bright pop of color to liven up the look of a room, or it can bathe a room in a sunny glow.

Decidedly Masculine Spaces Dressed with Leather

When thinking of masculine materials to include in a room, one that always comes to mind is leather. Whether in an office, media room or den, incorporating leather gives any room a decidedly masculine and tailored appearance. Sophisticated and refined, leather the perfect material for defining masculine spaces. The problem that many people run into decorating with leather is that when used in a heavy handed fashion, it begins to feel dark and heavy. So here are some ideas for decorating with leather in a masculine room while still keeping things light.

Candles and Flowers Finish the Foyer

It is the small things in life that really make the difference, and when a guest enters a home, the attention to detail in the foyer can help a guest feel instantly welcome and comfortable. When a foyer is cluttered and messy, a guest assumes the rest of the house will follow suit and will not want to travel much past the front door. Therefore, it is important to keep the foyer picked up and organized. Then to add a touch of personality to the space, the simple addition of flowers and candles can make a major difference in how welcoming the space feels.

Making a Good First Impression with the Foyer

When entering any home, a visitor settles into the foyer before entering the main portion of the house. This space makes a first impression on a visitor, and it can make a guest feel welcome and comfortable. So it is important for a homeowner to take a moment to determine what kind of first impression they would like for their foyer to make. There are some simple decorating tips that can help make the space feel stylish and inviting.