A Media Room in Black Leather



When decorating a media room, it is important to keep light reflecting surfaces to a minimum so that big screen viewing can be enjoyed without glare. When walls, ceiling and furnishings are in pale colors, they catch and reflect the light, which can be distracting when watching a movie. Therefore, a great option for media room décor is black leather: It’s dark and absorbs rather than reflects light. Since a media room is full of high tech, electronic components, adding the sleekness of black leather to the room’s design can also make a powerful design statement.

One of the most obvious ways to incorporate black leather into a media room is to introduce it in with the furnishings. Black leather furniture is a popular option for furniture in general, so furniture pieces are readily available in retail outlets as well as online. Another way to add black leather to a media room is to include inserts to the room that consist of black leather. Both options are great for incorporating a fair amount of black leather into the media room’s design without overpowering it.

               Start with Furniture

There are many different furniture options available in black leather. Among the most obvious choices are couches, loveseats and recliners, however, there are other furnishings like footstools and tabletops that are also available upholstered in black leather. While leather furnishings can become a little costly, the extra expense is well worth the rich contemporary aesthetic that black leather brings to a media room.

When looking at furniture, a black leather couch is probably one of the most common pieces that can be easily incorporated into a media room. For maximum flexibility, consider a black leather sectional sofa, which can be easily reconfigured to suit any current need. There are also many different styles of chairs available for use in a media room setting, as well, and many are designed to mimic genuine theater seating. Options like recliners, cup holders and fold down trays all make these chairs a perfect option for media room seating.

               Decorating with Inserts

If adding black leather furniture is not an option for the media room, then a homeowner may opt to install black, leather inserts in the room. An insert can be added just about anywhere, whether to a piece of furniture, wall or accessory. They work on cabinets, picture frames, doors and even tabletops. A leather insert will also be less reflective of light than other types of wall decor like abstract metal art or nude metal wall sculptures. This will help to reduce glare when viewing the TV screen.

Inserts may also be used in concert with black leather furniture. For example, think about starting with a black leather couch and chair, and then work some black, leather inserts into different elements of the room such as wall inserts or tabletops. Leather has the extra benefit of absorbing sound, which can make it easier to control noise inside and outside the room.