Candles and Flowers Finish the Foyer



It is the small things in life that really make the difference, and when a guest enters a home, the attention to detail in the foyer can help a guest feel instantly welcome and comfortable. When a foyer is cluttered and messy, a guest assumes the rest of the house will follow suit and will not want to travel much past the front door. Therefore, it is important to keep the foyer picked up and organized. Then to add a touch of personality to the space, the simple addition of flowers and candles can make a major difference in how welcoming the space feels.

Stylish Candles

Placing candles in the foyer does so many great things for the space. First it offers an attractive amber glow with its flickering light and can also bring a delightful scent to the space. It is best to use non-drip candles to be safe if they are to be lit; if they are simply for display, then this feature is not important. When displaying candles that will not be lit, they look best if the wicks have been lit and blown out rather than never lit at all.

Another great way to display candles in the foyer is to mount them on wall sconces. The sconces can be sleek and modern, traditional or even rustic to complement other decorative wall art, from traditional oil paintings to modern metal dragonfly wall decor. When selecting sconces in the foyer, make sure that they are the in scale with the size of the space. Candle displays can be arranged in a symmetrical fashion, or the design can be more organic in nature. It is also fine to mix and match colors, sizes and styles of candles to create an interesting and harmonious candle display in the foyer.

Colorful Flowers

Bringing flowers into just about any room in the home is like a breath of fresh air, and when bringing them into the foyer there are several options that a homeowner can choose. The first is to add a large bouquet of freshly cut flowers; if that is not practical then a potted plant may work instead. However, if the foyer’s environment is not conducive to maintaining a healthy potted plant, then consider bringing in a display of good quality artificial flowers. Whether the display is a bunch of sunny, Gerber daisies or a potted philodendron, just bringing in the organic element of flowers or plants gives the foyer a bright and welcoming look.

However, the organic element of cut flowers or a plant is only lovely if they are healthy, so for the homeowner who simply does not a green thumb, selecting beautiful silk flowers is definitely a viable option. Displays are available already assembled, or for the homeowner who enjoys arranging their own display, they can purchase the silk flowers of their choice and design their own bouquet.

Bringing candles and flowers into the foyer is a fantastic way to make the room feel cozy and inviting. This simple addition to the decor is a welcoming way to greet guests at the front door and invite them to enjoy the rest of the home.