Choosing the Right Cabinets to Complement Any Kitchen


Because cabinetry is an essential and important part of the kitchen, it is invariably necessary to select cabinets that will be complementary to the kitchen’s overall feel and look. If you choose iron wall art and then change your mind, it’s rather easy and inexpensive to replace it with a sun metal sculpture or other artwork that’s more to your liking. However, cabinets are a major investment.  You will find that cabinets are available in an array of styles, colors, and price points, making it a challenge to select the best option.  When you are ready to bring a new look to the kitchen with new cabinets, or thinking or giving your old cabinets a facelift, the tips that follow will help you to select cabinets to complement any kitchen.

Facelift VS Replacement

While it is definitely true that new cabinets in the kitchen can give the kitchen a whole new look, it may also be true that new cabinets are just not in your budget. If this is the case, you can still give the cabinets a facelift by adding a fresh coat of paint or re-facing them.  Nonetheless, if your cabinets are not solid and have fallen into a state of disrepair, or if they are no longer suited to the shape or size of your kitchen, you may want to consider replacement with stock cabinets in lieu of pricier custom built versions. 

Color Selection

The look and color of the cabinets in the kitchen have a definite influence on the kitchen’s overall look.  For instance, if your kitchen is very formal or upscale, then cherry, mahogany, or walnut cabinets may be just the trick you need.  However, if you have a rustic or informal kitchen, then pine, birch, or oak cabinets may be a better choice.  You can choose to go with lighter or darker wood when you choose the color of stain that you want for the cabinets.  Darker cabinets look best in formal kitchens and lend an exotic appeal while lighter cabinets are best for informal kitchens.  Another popular option is cream or white cabinets that lend a cheerful look to the kitchen space.  And don’t overlook stainless steel cabinets, which are sterile, sleek, professional, and modern looking.

Cabinet Style Selection

When selecting your kitchen cabinets, you will also need to select a door design.  The slab-style door is very clean, uncluttered and sleek, making it ideal for modern, contemporary kitchen styles.  Another popular option is the raised panel door. This type of door has a frame that goes around the edge of each individual door and that is sometimes decorated with a particular design.  Cabinets like these can bring a beautiful and classical look to the formal or elegant kitchen.  You will also be presented with door styles that have an arched top, which is a good choice in a formal kitchen.  You can invariably go for a specialty door like a glass door or the trendy open look of open shelving in kitchen cabinets that have no door front whatsoever.  This is an elegant and popular choice for displaying attractive dishware or beautiful glasses, or a favorite china pattern.