Decidedly Masculine Spaces Dressed with Leather



When thinking of masculine materials to include in a room, one that always comes to mind is leather. Whether in an office, media room or den, incorporating leather gives any room a decidedly masculine and tailored appearance. Sophisticated and refined, leather the perfect material for defining masculine spaces. The problem that many people run into decorating with leather is that when used in a heavy handed fashion, it begins to feel dark and heavy. So here are some ideas for decorating with leather in a masculine room while still keeping things light.

Leather brings with it a lot of charm and style, and by using it judiciously in a room’s design it can enhance the space and create a very individual look. Here are some ideas to help guide a homeowner when decorating with leather.

Idea #1: Select a pale color of leather to keep a room from looking weighted down with furnishings. Typically leather furnishings are available in a variety of different hues from white to black with many rich caramel shades in between. Selecting leather that tends more towards the color of honey rather than towards the color of mahogany can help to keep leather from making a room feel dark and heavy.

Idea #2: Incorporate leather into a room’s accents rather than into the furnishings. Rather than simply move in leather furniture, try incorporating leather accessories instead. Add a leather trimmed throw pillow to a couch, construct a leather insert for the door or add a leather cushion to an ottoman to give a room that masculine aesthetic without making it feel oppressive. It is also fine to mix and match leather colors as long as they blend well with the other furnishings in the room.

Idea #3: Create a focal point out of one great piece of leather furniture, like a couch. Choose a large piece of furniture, like a couch in the living room or a headboard in the bedroom, and have it be the only piece of leather furniture in the room. As the solitary piece of leather furniture in the room it will naturally tend to become the room’s focal point, and since it is a single piece of furniture, it will not overpower the room.

Idea #4: If a room already has a lot of leather pieces in it bring more light into the space with wall mirrors. If pale walls are a little too bland for a homeowner’s taste, and they already have a room full of leather furnishings, hang several wall mirrors or mirror groupings in the room. Mirrors will amplify the light by bouncing it around the space, and pulling light into the area and reflecting it around the room will naturally lighten up the space. And adding mirrors will even help to lighten up a room that has darker walls. You can also lighten things up with wall accents like sun metal wall sculptures or metal birds artwork that have mirrored or reflective surfaces.

Idea #5: Use contrast to help keep a room’s design feeling light even when there is a lot of leather in the room. Remember that in a contemporary space bold contrasts in color tend to grab attention; so if a room has a lot of dark leather in it, simply contrast it with some lighter elements. This lighter element can be wall color, artwork or another piece of furniture. Classic contrasting combinations, like black and white or cocoa and cream, are excellent combinations for creating contrast in a room full of leather, and they help to keep the design of the room from feeling too dark and heavy.