How to Use Orange with Style



One of the most versatile colors in decorating is orange. In its pure form it is a vibrant color; it may even be considered a little retro as a throwback to the fifties and seventies when it was very popular. All colors ebb and flow through stages of popularity throughout the decades, and it seems that orange is making a comeback. The wonderful thing about orange as a color is that it has such a huge range from the softest shade of peach to the brilliant orange of the citrus fruit by the same name. It can add a bright pop of color to liven up the look of a room, or it can bathe a room in a sunny glow.

Understanding a color and its roots helps to determine the best use for that color, so look to nature to find orange references and incorporate orange into a room’s design in the same fashion. For example, a tropical orange flower injects a bright burst of color into a landscape, and you can use a bright orange throw pillow to add that same feel to a couch in a family room. Orange settles nicely into a room with warm tones and livens it up a bit; it also contrasts nicely with a room decked out in cool colors, grabbing the eye’s attention.

               A Sum of Its Parts

Since orange is a combination of yellow and red, orange has the qualities of each color. When yellow and red are combined to form orange, all of their qualities are brought together into a harmonious blend. The result is warm and energetic, and while the intensity of each individual color is softened, the pleasing qualities of the colors are in harmony with each other. Still stimulating, orange is vibrant and natural, and it works brilliantly in a room filled with autumn tones.

Since the color red is known to stimulate the appetite, an orange hue tending towards red is the perfect color for dining rooms and kitchens. Orange symbolizes health, and it can be found in a variety of foods from pumpkins, to carrots, to an actual orange. While it is typically found in an autumn palette, it is equally comfortable in a summer and spring palette of colors, and it would be in direct contrast to a palette of cool winter colors.

               Matching Orange with Your Dеcor

Depending on the other colors in the room, orange can be brought in to the palette in soft or vibrant shades. It blends beautifully with most natural wood tones, and it offers a lively contrast with winter blue and white. Orange works with just about any other color, and it is an effective addition to patterns in fabrics or wallpapers. It can bridge two other colors and help them relate to each other, or it can stand out as the star in a sea of neutral background, depending on the design of the room that it is in.

When thinking of adding a splash of color to a room, orange is an excellent choice. With blue as a background it draws all eyes to it, and with brown as a background it creates a warm harmony; so orange can liven up a room, or it can make a room feel warm and cozy. It is even effective for creating a focal point in a room with a contrasting color palette: For example, you can use sunshine metal wall art from the metal wall art store to bring orange and related shades to any room.