Making a Good First Impression with the Foyer



When entering any home, a visitor settles into the foyer before entering the main portion of the house. This space makes a first impression on a visitor, and it can make a guest feel welcome and comfortable. So it is important for a homeowner to take a moment to determine what kind of first impression they would like for their foyer to make. There are some simple decorating tips that can help make the space feel stylish and inviting.

Color Choices

One of the most striking elements in any room is the color palette, and the colors go a long way towards setting the tone for the room. For example, a foyer filled with bold colors creates a much different mood than one filled with soft, neutral colors. Look for hues that are warm and welcoming, so that a guest feels comfortable from the minute they cross the threshold. There is plenty of room for bright colors in the accessories.

Wallpaper Wonders

For a little more style and texture, think about covering the walls with wallpaper instead of paint. Wallpaper can cover the whole wall, half of the wall or act simply as a border. Typically when only half of the all is covered in wallpaper, a chair rail is used to cover the junction where the painted wall and the wallpaper’s edge meet. Look for patterns that work with other colors throughout the home when choosing wallpaper patterns. Another advantage that wallpaper brings to the space is that it can adds texture, pattern and depth to the wall; this can go a long way towards making the space feel settled, welcoming and comfortable.

Family Photos  and Wall Decor

Include pictures of family in the foyer to introduce visitors to the family. The pictures can be of ancestors, your children and grandchildren or shots of favorite vacations. Coordinating the photos by size, shape, color or subject matter helps to create a cohesive design if you display the photos on the walls. Framed photos can also be displayed on a wall shelf or foyer table. This subtle design idea is a wonderful way to make a guest feel like they are instantly part of the family.

You can also define your particular sense of style with wall decor: Choose from framed artwork and prints, contemporary metal art, themed pieces like metal dragonfly wall art or metal cranes art, wrought iron grilles and wall decor and much more.

Fun with Flowers

If there is a small table in the foyer, including a vase of fresh cut flowers in the foyer is a great way to introduce an organic element into the room’s design. If fresh cut flowers are not practical, consider instead a potted plant or high quality artificial flowers. Some artificial arrangements look very much like the real thing and don’t require watering, light and maintenance.

Having a space in the home that is set up to welcome guests into the home makes entertaining a lot of fun for both the homeowner and the guests. So take a critical eye to the foyer and see where even tiny changes may make a guest feel more comfortable as they make their way into the home.