The Tranquil Effect of Candles in the Bathroom



Candles are a wonderful way to create a soothing ambiance in the home. They bring with them soft flowing light and a multitude of fragrant scents. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors and they are just as decorative in a bathroom when they are not lit. Adding a grouping of candles to the bathroom is an excellent way to add an accent color to the room.



Light Scents Complement a Bathroom

With so many different scents from which to choose, finding the perfect scent to include in a bathroom can be tricky.  The best candle choices for a bathroom tend are those that have a light scent, which brings freshness to the room. To enjoy a spa like experience while bathing in a home’s bathroom, look for relaxing scents like vanilla, sandalwood or lavender.

Complementing Bathroom Decor with Candles

Choosing the scent of a candle is only half of the equation, because the candle also needs to support the style of the bathroom and complement its color scheme or decorative theme. To choose the right size, shape and color for a bathroom candle, look for colors and styles that support the style of the room. For example, in an ocean themed bathroom decorated with sea birds metal wall art or sun metal sculpture, candles shaped like seashells are a nice touch. For a bathroom with a country vibe, handmade candles with artisan flair add a rustic touch. By coordinating the candles with the bathroom’s decor, the room takes on a cohesive look that helps elevate its style.

Perfect Placement

One of the most popular places to put a candle in the bathroom is right on the vanity countertop. They can also be placed on decorative shelving on the wall if the vanity is not large enough for a candle display. Another decorative way to display candles in a bathroom is by hanging wall sconces above the tub or on any appropriate wall space. For a smaller sized bathroom, jar candles are nice and compact, and they still bring color and freshness to a bathroom’s decor. To enhance the effect of candles in a bathroom, try placing a small, mirrored tray on the vanity, and then arrange candles on top of it. 

Playing It Safe

Anytime candles are being burned, it is important to keep safety in mind, and there are some very simple practices that should be followed to ensure candle safety. For example, do no use candles in the area where curling irons, blow dryers or any electrical appliances are being used, because it is too easy to knock over a lit candle and cause a fire. Also, do not use a lit candle or any open flame around aerosol sprays like deodorant, hairspray or perfume, because they are highly flammable. It’s also important that candles are kept away from towels, curtains and other fabrics, as well as baskets and paper products, to reduce the risk of a potential fire.