Tile Floors in Classic Patterns and Colors



Most floors of tile add beauty and durability while being easy to take care of. If you are thinking of using tile for a room in your home, you have probably found that there are a wide assortment of patterns, materials, and colors to select from. Regardless of the type of tile, whether vinyl or ceramic, following are a few suggestions on blending classical colors with patterns for an amazing look and design.

Classical Retro Look of Black and White

The use of tiles in black and white to make a checkerboard type pattern is a hard look to beat with any other design. This look has been used for years. Using black and white twelve inch tiles can give any kitchen the retro look of an old diner. Smaller mosaic tiles in black and white can be used in the bathroom. To make a look that is truly classic, use the checkerboard design around the outer room and end with all white tiles in the middle. In the center of a room, you can create a fuax rug design using tiles of black and white. This was a great trend in days past and can add some bit of vintage to a room now. Try using the tiles in black and white on the bottom of your walls as well. This often helps accentuate a rooms design. Choose accessories that will compliment the look of vintage that you are trying to accomplish.

Choose Borders

Try a variety of colored tiles to make a border for the flooring edges. This is an easy way to create style and add color to an area of your home. You may decide to try a basic style by using only one color to border the perimeter of the entire room. You may also with to make a more intriguing design with more than one color of tile being used. Use graph paper to first design your floors tile work before beginning the project. First, measure your room for tiling and then cut your graphing paper to correspond with the size and the shape of the room. Work on a pattern that you will be happy with by using markers or colored pencils on the graphing paper. Count the squares in each of the colors in order to determine the amount of each tile to purchase. Try creams and browns together and blacks and grays. White is often well coordinated with red or another bold color of tile. Tiles can also be placed diagonally for a visual impact in the room or a focal point. Other shapes like diamonds are easily obtained using your tiles. You can greatly impact floors with diagonal shapes and other geometric patterns. In Southwestern styled homes, the use of turquoise, brown, and taupe tiles often creates a pattern reminiscent of an old blanket crafted by Native Americans. When working in your home with tile, you will find that the limit of your design is based on your very own creativity and design ideas. Then bring in perfect finishing touches with abstract metal art, traditional paintings, modern nude metal wall hangings or any accents and wall decor that suits your style.