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Dressing Up a Front Door with Wrought Iron Accents

Purchasing a new front door can be quite an expensive undertaking, and buying an ornate front door is more expensive still. However, it is not difficult to dress up a front door with wrought iron accents so a homeowner can have a high end door for a low end cost. Adding wrought iron accents to a door is one of the most dramatic ways to embellish a plain front door, and it is also one of the most cost effective ways to make a front door special. Here are some ways to dress up a front door with wrought iron.


Blending Traditional and Contemporary Furniture in One Space

Oftentimes, homeowners are torn between their love of traditionally styled furniture and their desire for a more modern look. It is not that simple to blend two styles of furniture into one space. Finding a compromise between contemporary and traditional furniture can be difficult, particularly if the rest of the décor in your home does not work well with both styles. Since it is difficult to understand when traditional furniture will work well with traditional furniture, the tips that follow will help you to blend the two for a seamless look that you’ll adore.

3 Stunning Centerpieces for the Dining Table

When entertaining for dinner, of course it is important that the food be delicious, and when the presentation is lovely, it actually seems to make everything even more appetizing. A beautiful way to finish off the look of a dining table is with a stunning centerpiece that brings a burst of color into the room. Even a very simple centerpiece, if properly constructed, can bring a lively look to any party. So consider these ideas the next time a table is being laid for a special social gathering.

Using Lighting and Other Decor to Create the Vibe of a Rustic Cabin

It is rather simple to create the vibe of a rustic cabin with the use of basic decor and proper lighting. You can add beautiful touches that are rustic, regardless of what type of home you have. If you are redecorating a home used for vacations, or simply just adding the look and vibe of a cabin to a favorite room in your home, there are a few tips for decorating that anyone may use for creating the charm of rustic living that you are looking for.

Functioning Tools for the Fireplace that Add Decor

An excellent set of tools for the fireplace are an essential accessory in building and in maintaining a fire. Other than being very useful, tools for the fireplace may additionally add a bit of charm to the hearth in your home. Some individuals often buy tools for the fireplace according to their appearance rather than for the features of the tools. Complimenting the decor in your home is very important; however, selecting a set of fireplace tools that will be safe and efficient in using to keep fire is very important as well. When selecting a set of tools for the fireplace while shopping, following are some tips to help you choose the set of tools that best fits your needs.

Seeing Red in the Dining Room

When looking for a color to add drama to a dining room, consider a vibrant, cheerful shade of red. Not only does red provide a pop of dramatic color to the dining room, but it also promotes appetite. For this reason, red has been used in restaurants for years either as a main or accent color. You can use red in your own dining room to create a beautiful backdrop that promotes a pleasurable dining experience.

5 Essential Elements for a Bathroom Remodel

When updating the look of a bathroom, there are many different ways to go about accomplishing this task. Some updates can bring extra value to a home, making their addition to a home a wise investment. Regardless of the bathroom that is being updated, there are five essential elements that need to be included in a bathroom remodel, and they work as well in a guest bath as they do in a master bath.

Updated Ideas and Designs for your Ceiling

When updating the look of a room it is not necessary to change everything in the room. Quite often it is enough to simply update an element or two in the room to give it a new, fresh look. For example, a large wrought iron decor or Kokopelli metal wall decor used as a focal […]

Create an Urban Style Kitchen with Gray Cabinets

Urban kitchen style is all about clean open spaces, lack of visual clutter and of course, trendy looks. Color palettes are typically simple and monochromatic with a bright accent color sprinkled in for visual interest and excitement; for example a bold Kokopellli metal wall art or abstract contemporary metal art sculptures may be used a […]

How to Build a Fireplace Mantle

A fireplace is always a focal point and the mantle is its crowning glory. Some fireplaces have no mantle at all, or it may be that the mantel is outdated, dingy or damaged in some way. In addition to the mantle, the fireplace surround is another great opportunity for adding drama and elegance to the fireplace.

A fireplace mantle and the surround can be very simple or it can be very elaborate and complex. Here are some options to consider.